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The Brush
Continent: Visea

The Brush is the birthplace of Charles Sykes.  It is a grassy inland region of the city-state Martin County, located north of the Outskirts, and far from the Heart. The region is named for the tall grass that grows year-round, unperturbed by the harsh winds of autumn, winter snowstorms, or hurricane season.

The Brush consists of farmlands and rolling hills, and is home to farmers and the working class. Notable families include the Sykes, Johnsons, Parkers, Rodgers, Smarts, and the Mitchells.


The Heart
Continent: Visea

Starling Cross, also known as The Heart, is a district in Martin County located at the center of the city-state. It is home to the Nox Day Memorial and a railway station. 

Twelfth City railway station is a major transportation hub connecting Martin County to the Narrow Wilds in the North. It is one of the busiest stations in Visea and one stop on the Overland Express' route.



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The Outskirts
Continent: Visea

The Outskirts is the wealthiest region of the city-state Martin County, and one of the Standing Cities of Visea. It is located south of the Brush, and close to the Heart. Its name is a reference to the locals “outer-image” rather than the region’s location in Martin County. 

The Outskirts consists of valleys, luxury homes, and the Greater shopping district. It is home to the upper class and locals typically work in the entertainment industry, politics, or business. Notable families include the Westmoors, Matthews, Pemblers, Deans, Strongs, and the Gallegos.



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Based on the world created by American author Aminah Fox - All Rights Reserved.

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