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Aminah Fox

Aminah Fox was born in Oakland, California in June 1998. She has several siblings, including full-siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings. Fox spent some of her childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada and Houston, Texas, though she spent most of her life in California. 

Growing up, Aminah was an avid reader and developed a love for fantasy worlds full of superheroes and villains, wizards and witches, and mythical creatures. She began writing at a young age, often reading her stories aloud to family members. 

She is the author of two novels, including,Where the Stars Sing, and her sophomore novel, The Mourners, The Deadly Elite.

She graduated from Centennial High School in Corona, California.

Further Education: Liberty University, Virginia, A.A., 2018-19; California State University, Chico 2015-17; University of East London, England (UK) 2019-20. Hofstra University, New York, B.A., 2021-22.

She earned a B.A. in English (Creative Writing and Literature) from Hofstra University.


Aminah Fox lives in Texas and Toronto. She is a graduate student studying a Master's Degree in Information with a concentration in Library & Information Science.


Aminah Fox is an American author and graduate student studying a MI in Library & Information Science. She was born in June 1998 in Oakland, California. She earned a B.A. in English (Creative Writing and Literature) from Hofstra University. Her sophomore novel, The Mourners: The Deadly Elite, released on November 11, 2022. She lives in Texas (USA) and Toronto (CAN).


Keep in touch with her via, on Instagram @aminahsfox, on Twitter @AminahFox, and on Facebook

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