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Frequently Asked Questions

Mourners series

Title explanation...

The title of each book in this series will be defined by the subtitle. 

For example, the mourners are an organization in the series that is an elite class of female fighters with telepathic abilities. These abilities are inherited, and make the woman deadly, hence the reason for “the deadly elite.” This is the societal interpretation of them in the novels.

Is this series about a cult?

TMTDE starts decades after a cult known as the Apolites have taken over the Confederate states. While Samuel Davis and no one in the first novel acknowledge it as a cult, it is by definition a cult.

How many books will be in the series?

At the moment, I have five novels planned for the Mourners series. The series itself will be a trilogy with two companion novels accompanying it.

When is the second book coming out?

I should have a clear timeline of when the second book will be released in early-2023.

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