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I had researched everything that I could find on self-publishing prior to starting the process. I researched everyone that I was working with, however, when it came down to it there were still errors in the final product. 


I didn’t find out until after Where the Stars Sing’s ARCs came out. At the time, I went back to my editor to talk them about it, and they couldn’t explain. At this point I can only speculate what may have gone on in their lives.


But looking at the manuscript now, I do see some red flags in their comments, that I couldn't spot last year as a newbie. Plenty of authors had worked with them before and given them stellar reviews, and I had no reason to doubt them.

So why didn't I say anything last year?


With everything else that was going on in my life in 2021, the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it on social media. But now I understand why it’s important to be open and raise awareness about these things.


After learning that other authors had gone through something similar with an editor, I felt less alone.


I’ve gone through a lot of emotions dealing with this, and I’m going to have WTSS re-edited. Which is why I’ve delayed Volume 2/Crusaderverse 2.


Aminah Fox

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