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Where the Stars Sing

RELEASE DATE        October 4, 2021

CATEGORY                 Adult

GENRE                         Dark Fantasy / LGBTQIA

SERIES                         Crusaderverse #1

AVAILABLE IN         eBook/ Paperback / Hardcover 

A queer coming-of-age story of fandom and first loves set in a dystopian North America still healing from the fallout of a global experiment gone wrong, leaving the world in desperate need of heroes.


The world needs heroes when villains rise daily.

Charles Sykes, a humble farm-boy and comic-book fan, survived an accident that left millions dead—and while some ordinary people developed extraordinary gifts afterward, he lost his father. But, like the rest of the world he’s in awe of the Wonders’ heroism; they’re what’s gotten him through his mother remarrying. Well, them and his rabbit Frankie, hanging out with his grandfather Harrison, and spending time with Arthur, a handsome wealthy schoolmate from the county's outskirts. But one day, Charles leaves for college in search of something more. 

Ten years later, he returns home. Having rarely spoken to Arthur or Harrison. And, in less than 24 hours, he’s had contact with both—a brief run-in with Arthur, and Harrison has enlisted him to decipher a mysterious book. Charles decides to help, but the dangers that lurk ahead are far beyond his imagination. As he’s drawn into the city’s dark underbelly, Charles soon makes a series of unnerving discoveries forcing him to make a choice that could alter his life forever. It’s a tale of impossible love and tragedy, of fantasy and longing, in a time where being different was celebrated change was still needed.

Where the Stars Sing is the first novel in the Crusaderverse, a dark fantasy series written by American author Aminah Fox.

Where the Stars Sing is temporarily removed from distribution


ISBN 9780578911687

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ISBN 9780578911830 

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